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About Us:

SportsBackstops LLC was formed in February, 2009 for the purpose of selling swimming pool specialty items, specifically our patent-pending basketball goal backstop.

Since I played basketball through college, I wasn't going to simply put the basketball back in storage and forget the game. Being a perfectionist at heart, I quickly decided that lounging around just wasn't my 'game'. I considered other consumers' attitude about swimming pool basketball, length of the swimming season, weather conditions and temperatures, and felt that swimming pool owners wanted more than just laying around in the pool or coming up with several more people required to play volleyball ... stayed tuned for a new product to help the 'volleyball players' with a backstop to help them as well...!


We know that swimming pool basketball has been around for many years, but most have felt until now before the 'Ball Stops Here' backstop, that it was more of a chore getting out of the pool to get their errantly thrown basketballs from the yard, flower garden, deck, etc. Hence, many pool owners simply quit playing hoops ... believe us, we were among those pool owners with a basketball goal alongside the pool deck. Even had been using 3-5 basketballs in play, knowing that soon the balls would be out of play and especially out of reach. After prototyping many designs, we've developed a completely stable, wind resistant backstop which can simply be placed behind the basketball goal to rebound all of the errant shots back into the pool or just at the pool's edge next to the goal. It's as simple as that, and we think other basketball enthusiasts who own a swimming pool should know there's a one of a kind product to make the experience of pool hoops what it should be FUN...!!!

The "BALL STOPS HERE" backstop is as good as it gets...!



No specials at this time